1. rwfitzy

    Nagios4 in iocage jail

    I am running 11.1-U6 and have the nagios4 package installed via pkg and the version is 4.4.1, which apparently has a bug and I've been told I should upgrade to 4.4.2. If I try pkg upgrade it says all is up to date, but if I check the distinfo file in the ports folder, it shows 4.4.2...
  2. rwfitzy

    Nagios4 not found

    I had nagios4 installed from when this jail was setup on my FreeNAS 11.1, but was having issues with plugins and removed all as I wanted to reinstall. But now, nagios4 will not install... root@monitor:/usr/local/etc # pkg install nagios4 Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD...