1. P

    Moving directories between datasets

    I have copied data from an ancient (0.7) FreeNAS server to my 9.10 server. I would like to move some of the directories I copied to a different dataset in the same pool. From a shell, I see the pool is mounted as /mnt/my-pool, and the datasets are /mnt/my-pool/ds-1, /mnt/my-pool/ds-2, etc. (not...
  2. JoshDW19

    Forums Will Be Taken Offline Tonight

    We weren't able to perform the move a couple of weeks ago due to unexpected power failure at the iXsystems offices. Instead, the forums will be taken offline at approximately 8:30 EST tonight, 3/29/18 to begin the cut-over to our new COLO location. The forums will be placed in maintenance mode...
  3. gegtor

    Encrypting my FreeNAS box and moving data

    Hi guys I want to encrypt my FreeNAS box To do this I have to destroy my current volume and create new encrypted one with my disks that will erase all data on them What is the best way to transfer data from my old volume to new encrypted one? I have to move few datasets and few zvol's for my...
  4. JacobM348

    Need Help Moving Systems

    So I have 2 old desktops one is running FreeNAS and the other is just a windows one. the FreeNAS machine is in a bigger box and I am in a situation where i want to move it into the windows box. They are old dell optiplex desktops so i cannon change out the motherboards. so pretty much I want to...
  5. O

    SMB shares, if you remove delete permission, users cannot rename or move files

    Hi there so as the title of this post goes on. i am having some issues. we have everything set up but when we remove the user permissions to delete and delete subfolders, the users cannot move or rename any files / folders within the shares. please note that these changes are being made within...
  6. M

    SOLVED Moving Storage without creating a large snapshot

    Hi, I'm currently looking to move my media collection from one dataset to another. I currently have an anime collection that I would like to keep separate from the family media folder. I have thought of just creating a separate subfolder and then allocating separate permissions for that. But I...