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  1. D

    Instant backup promotion

    Hello. Now I'am designing datastore infrastructure for virtual environment. Planning to use one FN as the main DS, and second one as backup. Backup is replicated by snapshots from the main. The idea is in case disaster on primary DS instantly promote backup to the primary simply by changing it's...
  2. S

    Why I can’t see any videos or media from my Plex server

    FreeNAS Version#: FreeNAS 11.2 Player Version#: Plex server Why I can’t choose those folders (my media) spec: Intel i7 6700k 16 Gh ddr4 2400ghz msi z170 gaming carbon 8 tb of storage.
  3. P

    Struggling with adding mount point / media folders / detecting files in Plex on FreeNAS-11.2-U6

    Hi guys, I have been researching this issue all over the web. I just can't seem to get my Plex to find the media in the folders I have mounted. I use plex-plexpass 11.2-RELEASE-p14 (version says N/A) for FreeNAS-11.2-U6. I have tried the "non-plexpass" version as well, and it didn't make a...
  4. Oriann

    Jail mount points - One folder mounted from 2 jails, possible ?

    As thread header, is this possible or not ? I want my nextcloud jail to see downloaded software in qbittorrent jail that has mountpint to /mnt/tank/download. is possible to mount this path to nextcloud or is it against zfs and BSD rules ? Thanks for answers
  5. M

    Change Mount Point from Read-Only

    Hi, I have a mount point set against a plex jail (11.2-RELEASE-p9 ). Its currently set to read only. I want to change this to allow changes, but when I untick the read only option and click save, I get an error saying "[EFAULT] Destination: /mnt/vol1/iocage/jails/plex/root/media already...
  6. B

    Pool datasets missing from mountpoint

    After a reboot earlier today the pool and all the datasets are missing from the mountpoint (/mnt). The ZPOOL and ZFS listings (as well as the 11.2 GUI storage display show them to be fine. I have tried various things such as export/import the pool to no avail. I am able to create a new...
  7. united

    Active Directory Fails to show Mounts After an Update from 11.2 Beta to 11.2 Stable

    Our office has been using 11.2 beta successfully for AD home folders for Windows users. Very nice After updating to 11.2 Stable today - re-authenticating the Domain account name and Pass under http://tank/ui/directoryservice/activedirectory and ensuring the enable is still checked - We can see...
  8. Brownz

    Create hardlink across mountpoints possible?

    I am using sonarr and radarr and have noticed I sometimes very rarely have to to tidyup when it fails to correctly manage the files using the 'Remote Path Mappings'. To my knowledge what Sonarr does is once the download client finishes a download it creates a hardlink between: - download mount...
  9. GEOptic

    ZVol (not zpool) missing from GUI and not mount point

    Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, I use to work with NatApp/IBM storage appliances, so I understand the matter a bit. I'm not new to FreeNAS, but it has been a while since I used it. (9.3). Installed it a few months ago (april), and it serves us well. Now, one of our subpool zvol isn't listed anymore...
  10. D

    Could not remove mount point from Jail

    Hi all, I'm on FreeNAS-11.2-BETA3, and I have an issue with my nextcloud Jail. I tried adding a mount point to it for sharing files between SMB and nextcloud, but since the new GUI doesn't show an option to create a new directory, I ended up with an error when I wanted to start my jail, stating...
  11. Sokonomi

    Jail mount point creation 'mount: <path>: File name too long'

    Hi all, I'm having a weird bug where it wont let me add a mount point to my jail. The destination path is '/mnt/Tank1/Cloud/Private/Home Media/' but it wont accept it, saying 'File name too long'. Detail print from the popup; Error: concurrent.futures.process._RemoteTraceback: """ Traceback...
  12. T

    Freenas jail mount points, requiring assistance

    I have tried and tried to get Plex to see my TV shows and one time it worked. Then I starting setting up some other plugins, deleted the original mount point for plex due to those issues, and I have not got it to work since. Been working/reading guides for 4 days now trying to figure out why it...