1. Mr. Slumber

    Dell PERC H310 Mini Mono flashing to IT Mode

    Up until now it wasn't possible to use the Dell Perc H310 Mini Mono cards with FreeNAS because it just seemed not to be possible to flash them to IT mode or if you did that, your Dell server wouldn't boot up because it didn't found the proper Mini Mono card. Now someone seems to have found a...
  2. DeaDSouL

    Plugin: Emby doesn't work on 11.1-x

    Hi, The Emby plugin was installed successfully, created the jail, and the plugin.. But the plugin itself doesn't want to run. it says: Jan 19 18:22:49 storage kernel: pid 64337 (mono-sgen), uid 989: exited on signal 6 It was working just fine on 11.0-x, but it doesn't on 11.1-x (11.1-RELEASE...
  3. Balthasar Schopman

    Creating rc script for Jackett

    I want to run Jackett alongside Sonarr, so in the Sonarr jail I've install mono and Jacket by doing: pkg update && pkg upgrade -y pkg install lang/mono pkg install ftp/curl wget tar xzf...