1. K

    I'm looking for backup software that only sync changed files

    So, I want to backup my phone and laptop/pc to freenas. I want to be able to select what I want to backup, then do a full backup and after that only the files I changed. My mobile has about 100gb in use as of right now (laptop and pc way more) and it's just not do-able to backup 100gb EVERY day...
  2. prototype0815

    Android Device via USB an FreeNAS als Storage einrichten

    Hey folks, ich versuche mein Galaxy S8 an mein FreeNAS Server als Speichermedium anzuschliessen. Mein vorhaben ist, Daten per USB3.0 oder USB3.1 schneller auf mein Gerät drauf zu schieben. Leider finde ich keine passende Lösung für mein Vorhaben. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr mir mit...
  3. Bhoot

    The Best (as far as I could get) Android App to access your FreeNAS

    So a lot of people have been using ftp, plex and sonar to get media on their phone I wanted something which was more basic. I still run plex, don't get me wrong; but things like a document file/pdf/comic (cbr) is something I might fancy on one of those days. The app is called ES File Explorer...