1. P

    disco di sistema FreeNAS non parte

    Salve, ho un sistema freenas 9.10.2-U1 con il sistema operativo in mirrorin composto da tre chiavette usb (allego foto). Mi sono accorto che togliendo una pennetta usb in particolare il sistema non mi parte e mi compare questa dicitura: "this is a nas datadisk and can not boot system. system...
  2. K

    A little confused over mirroring

    Hi. This week, I've been lucky(?!) enough that, despite two drive failures in my ZFS pool, I'm managing to save most of the data. I've brought a couple of 8Tb drives and am about half way through copying my data over to the new drives. To save anything embarrassing in future, I want to make...
  3. Monkey_Demon

    Newbie question about optimal home configuration for NAS w/ 4x4 TB

    This probably has been addressed before, but I can't find it any place. So please forgive me if I'm asking for something that's already been discussed elsewhere. I am finalizing my first DIY home NAS, which will be used primarily for media streaming (via Plex &/or Kodi) and for storing a...
  4. S

    SOLVED Can't attach disk to existing mirror

    My pool contains a mix of raw devices (/dev/da...) and GPT formatted devices (/dev/gptid/...). I am trying to upgrade a mirrored vdev from 2 to 3 disks, and ZFS isn't having any of it. I can't figure why. The disk is da4 and the vdev I'm trying to add it to is listed as "mirror-2", containing...
  5. massib80

    Storage migration strategy from Synology to ZFS

    Hello all, tomorrow I'll get an HP Microserver Gen8 wiht 4x1TB HDD to which I would like to migrate 1.99TB of data from a Synology with 2x3TB HDD (In SHR "RAID1") My plan is: Create ZFS Pool as follow VDEV Mirror 1 > disk1 -1TB + disk2-1TB VDEV Mirror 2 > disk3 - 1TB + disk 4-1TB Migrate 1.99...