1. zamana

    Installing mailrelay on FreeBSD or TrueNAS jail 0.1

    mailrelay is a great software written by Doug Lauder. It's purpose is to be a simple SMTP server that allows you to send e-mails from the computers in your LAN through an SMTP relay. It's in the middle of the way between a full blown SMTP server like Postfix, and a simple, local-only, ssmtp...
  2. DeaDSouL

    sendmail inside jails does not work

    Hi, I have configured System->Email. And it is working just fine inside FreeNAS, but it doesn't work inside jails. How can I use the same email configuration in FreeNAS, to be able to send emails from jails? root@transmission_1:/ # cat /var/cover To: Subject: TESTING FROM...
  3. M

    Automatische Mail mit Smartbericht und anderen Infos..

    Funktioniert eigentlich das Script in den HowTo`s mit dem man automatiscjh MAils versenden kann mit Smart-Infos und anderen Systeminformationen auch mit der aktuellen 9.10er Version von Freenas? Hab mich durch das englische HowTo gekämpft, will aber nichts kaputmachen. Vielleicht gibt es ja...
  4. IceBoosteR

    General Help with Email Notification

    Hello guys, I'm very happy with my FreeNAS System but I do not have enabled the Emal notification yet. This is because, my NAS is only available in the internal network, and has no connection to the internet (because I don't need it). So there is a very useful feature and it is recommended to...