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    FreeNAS 11 Fibre Channel Target Mode LUN Port Mapping

    Hi Ich habe Fibre Channel Target Mode gemäss Forum Post freenas-9-3-fc-fibre-channel-target-mode-das-san aktiviert. Damit nicht alle LUNs bei jedem FC-Initiator gemappt werden habe ich /etc/ctl.conf mit "port ispN" ergänzt: vi /etc/ctl.conf ... target {...
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    New here, have problems with iscsi LUN that don't show up when using D-link 10Gb switch DXS-1100-10T

    Here is a short description of my problem. I have a working environment with 2 xenserver 7.0, 2 tp-link 1GB switches, 1 freenas and a qnap. I want to get rid of my qnap ang go for 10GB in 2 Freenas. I bought new intel 10 GB NIC ( X540T2) . I added the new NIC:s in xenserver, connected them to my...