lsi 9211

  1. BloodyBonkers

    LSI 9211-4i not detected.

    I just recently got an LSI 9211-4i and it does not show up in bios at all, nor does it show in any OS. I tried the card in four different systems with three different chipsets and multiple pci slots where possible. Here are the four systems used for testing. RIG1: HP Proliant Microserver G8...
  2. wblock

    SOLVED LSI 9211-8i (Dell H310) and Supermicro X10SLL motherboard RAID option

    Six new drives were attached to a Dell H310 which has been flashed to IT firmware (only, no boot BIOS). One of the drives was never detected. Replacing power and signal cables did nothing. Swapped power and signal cables with a working drive, and that drive continued to work while the...