lsi 9200-8e

  1. mitchrichie

    Adding Disk Shelf and LSI 9200-8E to existing system causes boot hang

    I've successfully setup a server running FreeNAS-11.3-U4.1 Supermicro H11SSL-C AMD EPYC 7251 8-Core Processor I have 8 internal drives across 2 pools. Everything is working great but I'd like to add a disk shelf. I purchased a NetApp DS4246 Disk Array Shelf with a LSI 9200-8e 6Gbps 8-lane...
  2. D

    New to FreeNAS and can't get my JBOD to recognize in 11.2

    Hey there community. I've been pulling my hair out over trying to get FreeNAS to recognize my HP FCLSE-0701. I'm running a Supermicro SuperServer 2027R-N3RFT+ that has 16 2.5" bays on the front. Using the built-in Intel controller, I'm connecting to two pairs of SSDs that I've installed in the...