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  1. M

    Freenas 11.1-U5 - Restarted with Unauthorized system reboot

    System just Restarted with Unauthorized system reboot. System is on a UPS. Looking for reasons why. Looked in /var/log all of the log files were recreated as of this boot. Does freenas clear the /var/log directory upon reboot? Are the historic logs located somewhere else?
  2. rwfitzy

    rsysnc task alerts or notifications or logging

    Haven't been able to find a definite answer if there is a way to have alerts for Rsync Tasks? I've read several posts where the solution is to write own script and use via cron jobs? I did setup an Rsync Task with user who has email, which is working well. But I forced it to fail and did not...
  3. W

    Strange output from daily email

    Hi All, New to the forums and FreeNAS in general, let me know if I've made some faux par here or posted this in the wrong place! I'm getting the daily emails from my FreeNAS which I'm perfectly happy to receive, however, for the last two days the emails have consisted only of: No...
  4. L

    logging SMB connections

    Is there an easy way to log SMB connections on FreeNAS 11? I would like to see who is logging in and out, and when. Need to see user name, timestamp, and client IP / host. Basically, the info you'd get from smbstatus, but dumped to a log file. Thanks!
  5. MediaManRIT

    Logs for Cloud Sync?

    Does anyone know where logs are kept for Cloud Sync? And, hopefully, how I can tweak the verbosity of those logs? The reason I ask is my Cloud Sync tasks seem to be moving a LOT more data then I'd expect. I'd like to see what it's really doing. Thanks!
  6. S

    Getting an error message, how to trace more info for Samba.org bug report?

    I'm trying to report a possible bug at Samba.org: some combination of settings in my smb4.conf is giving the following error in /var/log/messages: "Jun 26 18:15:45 svr smbd: dnssd_clientstub DNSServiceProcessResult called with DNSServiceRef with no ProcessReply function" The server is...