log error

  1. nickt

    SOLVED Supermicro IPMI: Invalid Username or Password

    Hi all, Just setting up a new (second hand) X10SLM+-F board. Still running memtests - all going well so far. In the IPMI, I'm getting an "Invalid Username or Password" error logged every ten seconds. I've updated to latest IPMI firmware and BIOS, and have reset all IPMI / BIOS config before...
  2. A

    Self-Test Log error Help

    Hello FreeNAS comunity. I had a recent error count go from 0 - 1 on da3 drive. I was hoping a few people could take a look at the below SMART information from the drive in question. Does this drive need to be replaced or should I be doing somthing else. Please let me know if you need anymore...