link aggregation

  1. G

    NICs Missing when I'm trying add LAGG

    Hi! I'm having a problem trying to create an Link Aggregation. The options are not shown to me so I can select which NICs to add in link aggregation All NICs are showed on " Interfaces " but on "Link Aggregation" is not show. Can you help me? Ps: Sorry, my english is not good thank you.
  2. SweetAndLow

    Chelsio T520-CR + Ubiquity SFP+ Switch + FreeNAS 11.2 + Link Aggregation

    Ok, so let's start by saying I don't work with this stuff for a job and it's basically all brand new to me. After some time fighting things I have finally gotten everything set up and running(I think, it's only been a couple hours). I wanted to make a post documenting the struggles I had and the...
  3. SoggyF

    Link aggy - Worth It?

    Hey guys, So the dual nic went out on my server board. So my coz brought me a few replacement options. He's a firmware engineer for that other chip company not named AMD. So he brought me an Intel I210T1G1p20 which is a PCI-E server adapter, an intel expi9301ctblk, and the dual adapter is the...
  4. E

    My Adventure With Link Aggregation

    So, I just built a freenas system for home use - mostly to play with it, and see what it can do. Anyway, one objective was using it for media, Emby for now, and possibly others, so I wanted bandwidth, and thus link aggregation. I am using anEnGenius EWS1200-28T switch that I had already used...
  5. B

    Link Aggregation LACP mit Supermicro X10SL7-F am TP-Link TL-SG3424 Switch

    Hallo, Ich brauche mal wieder eure Hilfe. Ich habe nun seit vielen Tagen das Vorhaben, wie im Titel beschrieben, LACP zum Laufen zu bekommen. Ich habe dafür meine bestehende Freenas Installation vom Stick abgezogen und 2 SSDs also OS Basis benutzt. Es wurde Freenas 11 neu installiert...
  6. High Voltage

    SOLVED networking idiot trying to set up quad Ethernet lagg group on FreeNAS

    so, I'm not going to lie here, I'm a complete and utter idiot when it comes to networking, I can get windows running, I can get FreeNAS running, I can configure both systems, and I can even through tech support phone calls to dell and my firewall manufacturer (zyxel usg 50 on its own subnet) get...
  7. D

    Setting MTU on lagg0 via Web UI deletes static IP on reboot in FreeNAS 11.0

    FreeNAS 11.0-Release running on iXsystems FreeNAS Mini XL: Creating a lagg0 with LACP from igb0 and igb1 and assigning a static IP address works OK using the web UI. Subsequently putting mtu 9216 in the lagg0 options field and rebooting brings up the system with no ethernet access. ifconfig...
  8. Robert Freitag

    NAS Build for small VFX Company. Need input from experienced users.

    Hello, I own a small VFX company which finally needs a more decent storage solution, over the last days I've investigated quite a lot. And I think that I'll go with FreeNAS and a Build according to my/our needs. If any of you experienced FreeNAS users could answer me some questions and possibly...
  9. C

    Link Aggregation

    Hi there I am trying set up my server FreeNAS-9.10.1-U4 (ec9a7d3) I have 04 network card. I set up fixed Ip all those network card When I go to click Link Aggregation to create one Lagg01 dont apper any network card Someboy now how fix it Best Regards
  10. A

    Regarding Lacp - not working

    Hi there , I have set up a freenas box this week . There are 8 loan cards attached to it. I have configured cisco switch . But the scenario is, when I try real-time bench mark , I hardly can cross 1gbps. And when I have checked the report , it shows only nic 4 was transmitting and receiving...