let's encrypt

  1. Basil Hendroff

    Let's Encrypt Local Servers and Devices 1.1

    When accessing internal servers and devices, are you tired of seeing warning messages from your browser informing you that 'Your connection is not secure'? Want to set up secure communication for supported systems? This scripted resource builds a Let's Encrypt toolbox in a jail including...
  2. R

    NextCloud Let's Encrypt (nginx)

    Hi Colleagues, I am new to the FreeNAS Community and I am asking you to help me to validate if I did my HTTPS configuration for NextCloud (11.2-RELEASE-p7) right. I did several hours of research and could not find a solution that helped me in my configuration (NextCloud/nginx/let's encrypt) so...
  3. lbartosek

    How to install lets encrypt ssl certificate on nextcloud plugin?

    Hi ya, I am sorry for asking silly questions that might be answered on the web somewhere already but I cannot really find the answers I need. I know there must be an easy way of doing it. I've installed Let's Encrypt SSL cert on many VMs/Web Servers using Ubuntu but I cannot figure out, how to...