1. mvadu

    Using Lenovo P510 (Xeon E5-2650)

    Hello nice people, I am a new member but been following this forum for a long time. I want to setup a local NAS for just personal use. Just few PCs backup, few docker/k8 containers and few lxc containers. So TreuNAS scale kind of fits all the requirements. In the hardware area, I know based on...
  2. A

    Will Lenovo with external HDD FreeNAS?

    Hey, I have been looking for a good NAS solution for some time now. And I think I finally found the best thing for me. I got this mini lenovo desktop PC with an i5 and 8gb ram, that should be more than enough power for a plex server. But.. The thing is the size of a HDD, so there won't be any...
  3. L

    É possivel instalar FreeNAS em storages Lenovo?

    Boa tarde, Segue listas de modelos: LenovoEMC™ px12-400r LenovoEMC™ px12-350r px12-TI339P - LenovoEMC™ StorCenter px12-350r Obrigado!
  4. L

    Is possible to install FreeNAS on Lenovo?

    Is possible to install FreeNAS on Lenovo models: px12-TI339P LenovoEMC™ px12-400r LenovoEMC™ px12-350r ? Thanks