1. C

    FreeNAS/TrueNAS Mini XL+ Memory RAS Features

    FreeNAS/TrueNAS Mini XL+ uses Intel C3758 CPU which, according to the Intel website, has ECC support and some unspecified RAS features. Would it be possible to setup the Mini XL+ box to use memory mirroring or some other memory RAS features (e.g. SDDC) in addition to standard ECC? I understand...
  2. Simon Pierre Desrosiers

    importing zfs pool into an ixsytem freenas mini xl

    Hello all, I have a pool running in a mac on 8 drives which are installed in a SanS digital esata enclosure. The enclosure is giving me headaches, frequently putting esata chain offlines. Instead of buying a new enclosure, I was thinking to pop the disk into an ixsystem freenas mini xl and...
  3. cfcaballero

    SOLVED USB3 PCIe card for FreeNAS Mini from IXsystems

    I had some difficulty adding USB3 ports (I backup to an external RAID enclosure from ORICO) to the FreeNAS mini I bought a few years back (built on the Ablecom CS-M50 chassis with the ASRock C2750D4I mobo). The clearance above the card slot is VERY tight as the corner of the drive cage hangs...
  4. Joon

    Want to be a part of the FreeNAS Team?

    Storage/Systems Engineers, Kernel Devs, FileSystem Engineers, Sales Engineers, Performance Engineers, and Sales People, feel free to send your resumes to hr@ixsystems.com! Our Executive Vice President's message to the Sun/Oracle Refugees: http://bit.ly/2f9lTLA