iscsi san hyper v

  1. Steven Sedory

    Sudden SAN Performance Drop

    Hi all. Just started having some big performance issues. Setup: FreeNAS-9.10.1-U4 2x E5-2620 v3 256GB RAM Pool: 14x 4TB 7.2k NLSAS mirror vdevs, 2x 400GB P3700's mirrored for SLOG 1x 800GB P3700 for cache 28TB usable, committing to only use 50% so 14TB really usable This was all setup in...
  2. G

    Unable to access GUI after a disk failed

    Hello all! Hope we had a nice Christmas? Mine was going great until i got a email from my box stating a disk had failed! Doh! These things happen and i have a raidz2 so no big deal. However the issue came when i tried to access the web gui ( Static) and i get page cannot be...
  3. Steven Sedory

    New Hyper V HA Build

    Hey there, I've built a few production SANs with freenas, all which have been virtually flawless for the past five years or so. It's been a while though (about 2.5 years) since my last SAN, and I wanted to bounce my setup off the community. Hopefully someone out there can give me the green...