1. O

    NEED Advice with ISCSI BUILD

    Hello, I've tried searching for this and can't get a straight answer it seems but this is my build plans (ALREADY OWN) AMD A10 CPU ASUS A88X-PRO MOBO 32GB DDR3-2400 VARIOUS SATA2 AND SATA3 HDDS (GOING TO BUY) LSI SAS 9261 SSD FOR L2 CACHE (IF NEEDED) (2) HP 81E 8G FIBER Matching HDDS for RAID...
  2. asrrin29

    Can't get 2nd port of QLogic FC card to connect.

    Hey all! Just started looking at FreeNAS as a SAN solution for my two host homelab. I have a QLogic QLE2462 dual port 4GB FC card inside of a Dell PowerEdge R510 that is going to be my SAN. I'm running FreeNAS 11.1 and using the guide located here to setup my qlogic card as an iSCSI target...
  3. F

    FreeNAS iSCSI alert

    Bom dia Pessoal. No meu FreeNAS, após criar o iscsi e apresentar para o ProxMox, em sua tela fica esta mensagem passando várias vezes. (Imagem do erro) (a imagem está compartilhada no Google Drive) Alguém...
  4. Terry Wilson

    2 subnets iscI, one lun ?

    Is it possible to let say put in two individual 1 gigabit nics and have a subnet for each nic then using a crossover cable to go from each Nic to a VMware esxi host and access one lun on freenas?