1. G

    NICs Missing when I'm trying add LAGG

    Hi! I'm having a problem trying to create an Link Aggregation. The options are not shown to me so I can select which NICs to add in link aggregation All NICs are showed on " Interfaces " but on "Link Aggregation" is not show. Can you help me? Ps: Sorry, my english is not good thank you.
  2. Brownz

    SOLVED Openvpn tun interface issues in iocage

    Hi all Im new to freenas, Have recently tried transitioning my quick and easy warden plugins to iocage manual jails. I followed these guides to setup openvpn:
  3. B

    Network Interfaces Tab

    I want to change the interface from DHCP to Static but the GUI is not showing the interface under the interface section for me to edit. It does show in network summary. Just curious if others have seen this issue where the interface is not showing in the interfaces tab?
  4. Chase Turner

    FreeNAS 11.0 on FreeNAS Mini XL: how to disable IPMI?

    my FreeNAS Mini XL has two network interfaces - igb0 and igb1. igb0 has the IPMI controller. My goal is to * (a) disable IPMI entirely on igb0; or * (b) configure igb0 and igb1 to be on different subnets with each having a dedicated ethernet back to my pfSense firewall. Then, configure...
  5. guyisit

    Possible new interface bug with clean install of ver11?

    Hi all, After much reading of the docs and forums, I finally have FreeNAS 11.0 going (hardware config at end of post.) I've discovered what I think might be a bug, but I thought I'd ask here before filing a bug report. Please note that this is all on a fresh install. Also, please note this is a...
  6. S

    Multiple IP / interfaces for jail

    Hi, I have a dual NIC motherboard on my FreeNAS, one of them being plugged to my router ( network). I'll spare you the details of my home configuration, but the thing is that I can't always connect my laptop to the router via ethernet, so when I need full bandwidth I plug it...