1. K

    Jail cannot be reached after upgrade to 11.1

    Hi all, My FreeNAS box has been running fine for years. After upgrading to 11.1-RELEASE, all settings seem to continue to work, except for one of my jails. My jail hosting transmission cannot be reached, although it worked fine on 9.10.2. Another jail (with synthing) works fine. The jails are...
  2. jiraiya

    restrict gui to network interface

    I have two network connections going to my NAS which you can find here I am looking to to restrict the ability to log in to freenas to the network connection that is connected to my editing station. This way other people on the network cannot find the FreeNAS...
  3. M

    ayuda para la recuperacion de pool

    Saludos y gracias de antemano por leer mi problema Tenia problemas con mi tarjeta de red y al ser novel en freenas, no saber las consecuencias restaure las opciones a defaults , con esto perdi el acceso a mis datos , intente leer o buscar algo que me pudiera ayudar pero no lo eh podido conseguir...
  4. scrappy

    FreeNAS 11: Iohyve/Bhyve Multiple Network Interface Workaround?

    On FreeNAS Corral, it was possible to choose which network interface (NIC) you want your VM to associate with. This was great since I hosted a VM on a separate DMZ subnet for a friend who logs in remotely. Because I am paranoid, I don't want his VM to have access to my home LAN subnet. Last...