installation questions

  1. A

    Machine Change

    Hello all, I currently have FreeNAS installed onto a thumbdrive, attached to a PC that is sort of limited. It has only 8 gb of ram, with two NAS hdds mirrored. My question is: if I decide to change the machine I have my FreeNAS, will the installation of the hdds and plugging the thumdrive...
  2. Number1Onion

    MacPro1,1 2006 - 64bit install with 32bit EFI

    Hello, I'm attempting to boot 64bit FreeNAS install on a 2006 MacPro with a 32bit EFI. Anyone have any experience with this? I have tried installing on another machine and then booting and that fails, etc. Would it be possible to install 32bit and then 64bit on separate drives and move the...
  3. F

    Basic install question

    Greetings, I am new to FreeNAS and before I undertake the install I have a question or two. 1. I understand that the flash drive contains the op.sys. for NAS. Does that mean that after the install it must remain in the computer in order the machine to run? 2. Once I complete the setup will...