1. H

    Cannot import 'mypool': no such pool or dataset

    Hello guys, I set up this FreeNAS system that I have been using to replicate another system. Hardware: a Dell PowerEdge T420 8 disks attached to a SATA controller. 4 TB each. I created a Z2 pool using all disks. Two things: one of the disks had had SMART errors for a while. I saw this...
  2. K_REY_C

    Unable to Select Volume when Importing Encrypted Disk (one disk of a formerly a two-disk clone)

    Looking for some guidance on how to re-import my encrypted disk (1 disk of a formerly 2-disk, encrypted, cloned). I've tried this on a the legacy and new interface. I suspect I'm missing something critical, but would love some guidance. The encryption key and passphrase seem to get past step #2...
  3. S

    Phantom pool imports at boot - should I recreate /boot/zfs/zpool.cache as a symlink to /data/zfs/zpool.cache?

    My server insists on trying to install non-existant pools at boot. I came across this old post from 2013. The last 2 posts in that thread say that /boot/zfs/zpool.cache should be a symlink to /data/zfs/zpool.cache. But in my case it isn't. It looks like corrective action is needed, but I'm not...
  4. dpchrist

    FreeNAS 11.2 RELEASE -> Storage / Pools / Import Pool -> Decrypting Disks Starting job...

    FreeNAS storage forum: I did a fresh install of FreeNAS 11.2 RELEASE, created an encrypted pool, downloaded the recovery key, and set an encryption passphrase. When I restarted FreeNAS, I navigated to Storage -> Pools, clicked "Add", selected "Import an existing pool", clicked "Next", selected...
  5. kensab

    FreeNAS remains frozen at startup: import pool version 5000

    First of all I am very new to FreeNAS and with little experience. I see similars post about my problem but they are too old. I need know if have another new solution to this problem.
  6. S

    SOLVED Detach volume before reinstalling

    Hello everyone, Summary of why I'm doing this : I've been experiencing similar issues as those described in this thread for as long as I can remember, since FreeNAS 9 (long story short : when assigning permissions, I see users that I have deleted months ago; I see a group A that I just added; I...
  7. Simon Pierre Desrosiers

    importing zfs pool into an ixsytem freenas mini xl

    Hello all, I have a pool running in a mac on 8 drives which are installed in a SanS digital esata enclosure. The enclosure is giving me headaches, frequently putting esata chain offlines. Instead of buying a new enclosure, I was thinking to pop the disk into an ixsystem freenas mini xl and...
  8. victorhooi

    Safe way to import a degraded RAID-Z1 pool in read-only?

    Hi, tl;dr - Can you import a RAID-Z1 pool in a degraded state in read-only mode? Is this safe? I'm migrating a large (around 20TB) of data from one FreeNAS machine to another. Both machines are running FreeNAS 11. The old machine is RAID-Z1, with 4 x 8TB drives. The new machine is RAID-Z1...
  9. seanci

    How to Import a Volume from a degraded state on FreeNAS 9.3?

    I7 4790k 16 gb Ram Corsair vengeance 2400 mhz ddr3 asus maximus VI Hero hx750i PSU WD Green 3tb drives x 6 (Mirrored) FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201412090314 [root@freenas ~]# zpool import pool: Media id: 12090416692805278326 state: UNAVAIL...
  10. C

    Importing ZFS on Linux Pool

    Hey guys, been a long time ZFS and FreeNAS user. I also have used ZFS on ubuntu 14.04 for a few years but now I want to convert that system over to FreeNAS. Can anyone give me a best practices way to import the pool from my ubuntu install? Thanks in advance. chris
  11. A

    Migrating from v8 to v11 and new server hardware

    Hi, I've been using FreeNAS v8.02 for a few years (2011) in a school where my wife is the Principal. Other than the original set up I've had little or nothing to do with it since so wouldn't be very savvy. It has been running fine and there's no real issues. However, the kit is fairly basic...
  12. A

    Import pool from FreeNAS 11 to FreeNAS 9.3

    Hello, will there be a way to import a pool from FreeNAS 11 to FreeNAS 9.3?
  13. R

    Import ZFS pool from a FreeBSD installation

    Hello! I plan to move from FreeBSD 10.3 to FreeNAS 9.10. How can I use, import my "old" ZFS pool? (with geli) Cheers!
  14. M

    Festplattenimport über Sata möglich?

    Lässt sich eine (externe) Platte über einen freien Sata-Port imnportieren..einlesen? Ohne dass die DAten in Gefahr geraten? Micha