hp proliant microserver gen8

  1. M

    Harddisks keep failing in my virtualized setup

    Hello, My setup is the following: GEN8 microserver with esxi booting from USB Internal SSD for the esxi datastore SAS9220-8i in IT mode passthru to the freenas machine 3x Seagate Ironwolf connected to the sas and one ssd for cache. In the past two months all 3 seagate drives failed and I...
  2. Tony Self

    Hi FreeNAS

    Hi Guys, It looks as though you have another convert, but I am going to need some help to get me up and running. I come from an IT background, but I am now retired and spending my life chilling out on a small island in Thailand. Over recent years I have built various media servers. I started...
  3. S

    AcpiNsRootInitialize+0x9 - HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 - Install Issue

    ...is what I get trying to boot FreeNAS (9.10.1) on my new server (install ISO transferred with Rufus onto pendrive) HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 (G1610T) 12GB (4+8) RAM, iLo 4, no harddisk installed just one 8GB Pendrive on the internal USB port to check functionality FW is patched via SPP to...