hp n40l

  1. F

    Update from 11.2 U2 to latest U4 seems to fail repeatedly via web interface

    Hi, I have an installation of 11.2 U2 (pretty sure, though the box is not in front of me) on an HP N40L micro server, with a USB thumb drive as the boot device internally. I haven’t used it for much of anything yet, but since I recently got automated snapshots set up on my desktop I finally...
  2. Tony Self

    HP Proliant Microserver N40L - Upgrade to 11.2 Beta 1 and 2 Fails

    I have been running 11.1 on my HP ProLiant Microserver N40L for sometime to test out the new OS before upgrading my production server (HP ProLiant Microserver Gen8 running 9.10.2-U6). I have tried upgrading to both 11.2 Beta 1 and Beta 2, but each time after apparently a successful upgrade, at...