hot swap

  1. Monkey_Demon

    "True Hot Swap" or just "Hot Swap"?

    According to Wikipedia: Using appropriate SCSI drives with a motherboard & BIOS that support true hot plugging, this would imply FreeNAS does too. But this thread and this post suggest otherwise. For example, the post explicitly says, I searched The Fine Manual for "hot swap" with no luck. So...
  2. ajeje_brazo

    compact (and aesthetically pleasing/professional looking) NAS case with 6-8 hot swap bays

    I'm looking for a case for my home NAS. I'm thinking about 6-8 drives; I don't have a specific need for hot swap drives, I just like that design. What I have in mind something that would look like a FreeNAS Mini, but unfortunately buying a pre-assembled one would exceed my current budget...
  3. Arwen

    How to: Backup to local disks

    Arwen submitted a new resource: How to: Backup to local disks - Command line driven backups to direct attached disks Read more about this resource...
  4. Muzza

    Compact ITX build with 10+ Hotswap 3.5" Drives

    I thought I would share my latest server build for folks looking for a relatively small server case that could accommodate at least 10 3.5" drives. My requirements required hot swappable bays accessible from the front. (I like blinking lights :) After extensive searching and comparing cases, I...
  5. Patrol02

    Interchange backup drives

    Hi Guys, In the absence of (good) Internet in Australia I am thinking of implementing the following backup solution for my FreeNAS server: - Have 2 (big) backup drives - Have one of them attached at the time - Do incremental backups to the backup drive nightly (scheduled, automated) - Swap the...