1. Soarin

    50MB/s Speeds in RAID0

    I've recently gotten my RAID controller (m1015) and was going to flash the card to IT, however come to find out the Ebay seller gave me the M5015 instead so until they respond to my refund request I'm just testing it out. Without RAID and just directly into a port on my motherboard I get...
  2. Soarin

    SOLVED Flashing M1015 to IT Mode [Resolved]

    Resolved, the EBay seller sent me the wrong card, they had sent me the M5014, wrote M5015 on the back, but sold it as an M1115. Hello! I just got my IBM ServeRAID M1115 and I am following a guide from ServeTheHome for flashing the M1015 (which strangely enough when booting that's what the card...