hardware upgrade

  1. AltecBX

    Running out of space... Suggestions?

    Hi guys it's been a while since I've been active on this board. I built my server over 7 years ago and now I'm finally running out of space. I've throughout the years upgraded my hard drives from 6TB to 8TB to now 10TB. I'm at 92% free space and need to know what's my best option to grow this...
  2. I

    Swapping out your Motherboard? - here are some notes on my experience.

    Background I built a NAS for my business several years ago in fact I started with FreeNAS 9.0. The NAS has run smoothly but new requirements for larger VMs found the machine a bit lacking in the RAM department. Although I wasn't maxxed out on the board RAM, 64Gb wasn't going to be enough for my...
  3. M

    Swapping Backplanes

    Hey all, I am on my second generation build of my FreeNas box, and believe mys SAS2 backplane is starting to become a bottleneck. I currently have a Supermicro 4U SC846A-R1200B chasis (SC846A-R1200B) with a SC846A-R1200B connected to two HBAs, a LSI 3008 thats integrated into my X11SSH-CTF...