1. P

    Replication results in deadlock (rrl->rr_) on zfs reads

    I need some help troubleshooting a deadlock on by backup machine. During its incremental replication all processes accessing the data set end up in a lock on rll->rr_ as reported by a ps -axHl -O lwp in the nwchan field. Set up: master is doing periodic snapshots (multiple per day, keeping...
  2. schoolpost

    FreeNAS 11 | Install / Boot Hang when LSI Card Installed!

    Hello, Really stuck as to what could be causing this issue, so here's the situation: Upon attempting to install / boot FreeNAS 11 the system hangs when I have my LSI Card installed. When I remove the card from the system, it boots just fine. This screenshot below show the boot state...
  3. C

    after install mobo post hangs on 50h initialize usb keyboard & mouse

    Hi all - from a rank FreeNasNoob HW: gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 8Gb ddr3 133Mhz ram (I have a small sata drive attached for experimentation before lashing out on drives for a RAID). 8Gb Sandisk Cruzer (Installer usb drive) prepared with Freenas-11.0-U4.iso using Rufus on my Win 10 machine. 16Gb...
  4. zoomzoom

    System not fully completing shutdown

    I've tried various means of shutting down my FreeNAS server (WebUI, cli via SSH, as well as from the main cli menu on monitor), with all resulting in the same thing... it never goes beyond acpi0: Powering system off and system never powers off without manual intervention by either flipping the...
  5. TheShellshock67

    task terminated errors

    Dear Freenas magics, I do not know if this is the right place to start this thread, if not please correct me :p Since approx. a week i've been getting a lot of errors on my freenas box. This goes hand in hand with a complete hang and VM's that Bluescreen. errors that are scrolling past when...