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    HPE Microserver GEN10 X3421 32GB RAM ESXi 6.7.0 - Show Smart HDD Status at Marvel 88SE9230 Controllers

    Hello everybody, I run a FreeNAS VM on an ESXi host version 6.7.0. (HPE Microserver GEN10 X3421 with 32GB RAM). The host boots from a USB stick. The VM runs on a NVMe SSD with 512GB. The Freenas VM is supported by 16GB Ram. Freenas uses a Raid 01 storage array of 4 x 4TB hard drives via the...
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    Installing FreeNAS on HP Microserver Gen10 - braindead simple instructions required please!

    Hello, I have just bought an HP Microserver Gen10 to run FreeNAS on to replace my failing Netgear ReadyNAS Duo and probably once I have it working to replace my Qnap NAS as well. Before I bought the HP I read about the installation problems with the Gen10 here on this forum...