1. Jacopx

    Alternative to ls -R in C

    Buonasera a tutti! :) I'm trying to write in C an alternative to the command: ls -R I don't like too much the output generated. I have written my code on my UNIX machine and it's working. If i'm trying to compile it in FreeNAS this error occurs: [root@FreeNAS] /mnt/WDVolume_A/Plex_Media# gcc...
  2. Dantron

    Requesting "How-To" guide for Installing software on FreeNAS

    Server Info: FreeBSD freenas.local 10.3-STABLE FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE #0 r295946+9bbba48(9.10-STABLE): Mon Sep 26 21:03:32 UTC 2016 root@gauntlet:/freenas-9.10-releng/_BE/objs/freenas-9.10-releng/_BE/os/sys/FreeNAS.amd64 amd64 1) "ethtool" is not installed on FreeNAS. => What is the...