1. L

    GUI *not* accessible without default gateway!

    Hello, My NAS is connected via three VLAN’s (A,B,C). One on interface-1 (1G) and two on the second one (10G). The GUI is defined as '0000' (accessible from all subnets/vlans). All VLAN’s have a DHCP-server and are using a different subnet (IPV4 and IPV6). The DHCP server is supplying the...
  2. ivanavm

    Access from different subnet

    I have latest version installed (FreeNAS-11.2-U5) and I access it fine from local, but I can not access it from VPN and other subnets. For example I am trying to access freenas ( from Any idea what should I do? I have VPN with 3 locations all on different subnets...
  3. S

    Help needed - How to use a jail as gateway for internal LAN

    I've installed openvpn client in a jail - which is working fine (guide) now I want to use the vpn connection with the deluge jail Following the FreeBSD as router guideline I've set gateway_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf and set the vpn jail as gateway in deluge but I cannot reach any...
  4. J

    SOLVED Lacking internet from jails on one of two subnets - Setting up a FreeNAS Dual NIC configuration

    Setting up a FreeNAS Dual NIC configuration: the motherboard NIC as em0 (FreeNAS is on and an additional pcie NIC as em1 (FreeNAS is on I am lacking Internet from jails on inner subnet (with gateway that is a neighbor network to the outer...
  5. myrtlizer

    You must configure a default route (Network->IPv4 Default Gateway)

    Hello, I randomly keep receiving the error: "You must configure a default route (Network->IPv4 Default Gateway)" when I try to enter my Jails menu. The way I can get around this error is to go to Network->Global Configuration, and just click "Save" without making any changes as I already have...
  6. S

    Static Route for Second NIC

    Hi there Bashing my head against the wall with this one: My network is configured as follows WAN Draytek Router with WAN IP XX and private IP Sonicwall Router with WAN IP and Private IP set up for site-to-site VPN FreeNAS with IP (main IP for...