ftp backup

  1. P

    Acronis backup from FTP makes multiple small files

    I am trying to backup a pc with acronis true image 2016 to my freenas with ftp. The backup succeeds, but it divides the file into small 2gb pieces. Is there an option in FreeNas for max file size that I missed or is it Acronis acting up? I'll also try their support. Thanks in advance, Patrick
  2. bladoflorez

    Backup of my NAS on web server by FTP

    Good day guys. I am looking for the best way to keep a periodic copy (full backup) of my NAS on a remote WEB Server by FTP so we have an unlimited web server plan. I already read some documentation about crash Plan and Bacula, apparently they don't do what I need and they are all backup plugins...
  3. P

    FTP Directory

    Hello I would like to back up my Machine Images via Internal Filezilla FTP, Permissions is not a concern. I seem to get to this default directory which I assume is root. I can't leave this directory or go up a level the same problem exist in WinSCP as well. The share is a SMB so that is...