freenas hardware

  1. B

    ECC-RAM and consumer-grade hardware

    A while ago I got the idea of replacing one of the two stacks of external hard drives I've got with a FreeNAS-server, the 2nd stack is used as a backup-copy of the 1st stack. So far I've got one component, which happened to be the most difficult part to get: A Stacker STC-T01. That's that huge...
  2. st2

    Thoughts on KGPE-D16-ASUS MOBO for FreeNAS

    Hey All, I have a quick question- I have a KGPE-D16 Mobo with 2 AMD Opteron 6320 Processors and two (2) 16G of ECC Mem and planning on putting it together for my main FreeNAS build. This is mostly for storage which will be accessed by 4 people (for now). We mostly use AutoCAD and Revit. I...
  3. SharkyMcSharkBot

    Will it FreeNAS?: Check it Before You Wreck It

    Will it FreeNAS? is a sub-forum where you can post a system or parts list you are considering purchasing for building a FreeNAS system. Before you post make sure to read the hardware guides. It's important to know the minimum system requirements for FreeNAS when asking a question. We also...