freenas hardware nic

  1. Rintu

    TrueNAS Core Supports RTL8125GB NIC ?

    Hello Everyone!! I have build a NAS using TrueNAS Core OS and want to add an additional NIC to increase my data transfer rate. I have chosen a 2.5G NIC from eBay and want to purchase it. My question is will the latest version of TrueNAS Core supports this Realtek RTL8125GB NIC ? As in the...
  2. M

    HP NC552SFP - oce - emulex - timed out

    I Have a HP NC552SFP NIC Card (Fiber) 10Gbps. ON Boot freenas show a message: oce0: <Emulex CNA NIC function:///10.0.664.0///> mem 0xf7ef0000-0xf7ef3fff,0xf7ec0000-0xf7edffff,0xf7ea0000-0xf7ebffff irq 26 at device 0.0 on pci7 oce1: <Emulex CNA NIC function:///10.0.664.0///> mem...