freenas 9.3

  1. S

    SOLVED moving my FreeNAS HDD to new system as my motherboard died

    Hi, I was having a FreeNAS 9.3 box on a intel system. It was a intel dual core system with 4 gb ram. motherboard was Asus H110. I had two volumes setup. Primary one had three 4tb HDD combined in to it making available 8tb of storage. 2nd was just another volume with just one drive. today two...
  2. M

    Poor performance on existing 9.3 system

    I'm getting poor performance from a system that's been installed for about 1 year. In Vmware, when I copy a ISO from one drive to another 1 get 40Mb per sec then slowly it degrades to ~25mb per sec. Potential Problems - ?? - I see that there are 650 Processes in Reporting > system >...
  3. seanci

    How to Import a Volume from a degraded state on FreeNAS 9.3?

    I7 4790k 16 gb Ram Corsair vengeance 2400 mhz ddr3 asus maximus VI Hero hx750i PSU WD Green 3tb drives x 6 (Mirrored) FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201412090314 [root@freenas ~]# zpool import pool: Media id: 12090416692805278326 state: UNAVAIL...