freenas 9.10.2

  1. H

    Back to previous versión of plugin

    How do I go back to a previous version of a plugin without losing anything FreeNAS 9.10.2 Plex plugin
  2. H

    Como volver a la versión anterior de un plugin

    Hola, actualice a la última versión de PLEX y ahora me trae inconvenientes con mi tv samsung, como puedo hacer para volver a la versión Android de Plex? Son perder nada de mi que ya tengo. Saludos
  3. Borja

    Where iohyve VM files are stored?

    When setting up iohyve you set a zvol for storing files. I only have one volume on my freenas instance where there are some critical files and im worried that set this volume for iohyve could be a risk for this files. I have to be sure before set up. also i read about this setup iohyve enabling...
  4. Luke_Rhok

    UPS Connection issue "failed - Driver not connected"

    I've been trying to get my FreeNAS server to communicate with a SOLA ups S1K520. Since this model only uses a serial connection I started out by connecting both the Server and the UPS with a serial cable (15ft DB9 M/F Extension Cable). When I found out that FreeNAS was having problems trying...
  5. G

    Replicación entre dos FreeNAS

    Hola, tengo 2 equipos con FreeNAS. Uno en una red (fn02) y otro en red (fn01), deseo hacer replicacion de un dataset de fn02 a un dataset en fn01. fn02 tiene como 500GB user fn01 tiene como 10TB libres Que pasos tendría que hacer o commandline para esto...
  6. C

    SOLVED Help, Can't access my files

    I've had my freenas server for over a month so far and I have found it incredibly useful. However today it disappeared from the network section of windows fie explorer. My server is running freenas 9.10.2 and my desktop is running windows 10. I made no changes to any freenas settings before this...