freenas 11.1u6

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    Disk replaced for upgrade, now zpool degraded after resilvering

    Hello, I had to replace a faulty 3TB drive from a 4 disk pool. I did it per manual using a new 10TB disk and resilvering went fine. Now my intention was replace all remaining 3TB disks one by one, with 10TB disks. What I did to avoid confusion was power off the box, swap the first disk, power...
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    Freenas 1.1u6 can't boot from USB. Zfs-boot error 5

    Hello. So far, my Freenas system started with two USB flash drives operating in mirroring mode. From time to time, one of the pendrives required resilvering as the system removed it. It helped. Today I was unable to run the system in general. After connecting the monitor I get a ZFS Boot 11.1.U6...