1. Devilpuppet

    "Invisible" folders with content, but it's definitely there and can be accessed.

    Hi guys, I have been a happy user of FreeNAS for a while now (I love tinkering with it, to get it to work as I want it), but I've recently noticed something weird: One of my folders has disappeared from my Finder on Mac OS. I'm running Transmission and Plex on my server (next to some backups)...
  2. SangieWolf

    Can't Create Folders from MacOS using AFP

    I ended up switching from SMB to AFP due to issues with being slow. I'm using macOS 10.13.1 with a FreeNAS build FreeNAS-11.1-U6. When I try to create a new folder, it states I don't have permissions. I can rename folders and files, create files, move files, etc. I just can't modify...