1. M

    Hard reset bios Supermicro X10SL7-F any consequences for flashed it-mode?

    Hi, I want to do a hard rest of the bios on my Supermicro X10SL7-F, and I was wondering if this would have any consequences for the flashed it-mode? My machine won't boot anymore and I don't remember my passwords for the ipmi account and my bios. To make things worse VGA port doesn't seem to...
  2. Grinas

    BUILD [HOW-TO] Flashing LSI SAS HBA Controller [EFI/UEFI]

    Back Story I had some trouble flashing my LSI 9217 controllers so wrote up this doc to share. Every youtube video appear to be made by people who were too confused fro me to confidently follow them and any guide i came across that seem to work i would run into the issue of not being able to run...
  3. m00nraker

    SUPERMICRO X10SLH-F: not for RMA accepted after 3 years, even if not EOL ?

    Hi dear guys. I'm a silent reader in this forum. But now I got into some trouble with my SUPERMICRO motherboard and I would appreciate your advice. Maybe I am looking for an alternative to my SUPERMICRO board. In the last weeks I realized, that there is an BIOS and IPMI update for the...