1. D

    Got another issue / r720XD / H310 in IT / FN 11.2

    Getting lots of these: Now my iscsi is freezing sometimes. It appears too anyways. the console is fine, but servers tend to freeze for a few seconds then these happen, then it runs fine. Performance is great on the unit so far. Jul 30 07:23:42 freenas1 mps0: Unfreezing devq for target ID...
  2. cbbc

    Debian VM on FreeNAS 11 stops at grub

    Although I have read KrisBee's post* on Linux VMs, I am unsure how to go forward. * I have Freenas 11.0-U4 running happily. I was able to get a CentOS VM to install and run happily. However, I would like...