1. I

    Should my Switch do the routing & let Firewall/Router just do firewall?

    Hi I've been reading some threads and I'm wondering if I should let me switch do all the routing and dhcp and let my router/Firewall just be a firewall. I have a Watchguard Firebox M200 (Routing DHCP / firewall ) and Unifi Managed 10G Switch.
  2. M

    Where are Firewall Settings in the FreeNAS 11 ?

    Where are Firewall Settings in the FreeNAS 11 ?
  3. Jacopx

    Jail on a DMZ and system on LAN

    Buongiorno a tutti! ;) I'm running a system from some years, i use it for Plex, Transmisson, Gogs and since few weeks for NextCloud. I have gain a external-signed SSL from Let's Encrypt and everything works great. What i'm asking now is, since i have 3 ETH GbE port can i use one of these to...
  4. Ssofte

    Broadcast port 138

    Hello Everyone, I've noticed on my Firewall that my FreeNAS server is broadcasting on the port 138, my firewall block this of course but i would like to stop it forever. If someone has an idea .. Thanks !
  5. D

    PFSense / Home Router - Hardware Suggestions

    Hello chaps, While I understand there are many threads where this precise subject has been tackled, I would like a more up-to-date list of suggestion(s). Also, this is perhaps not the best forum to ask this but the other forum is a bit of a mess (sometimes, incoherent mess) and I am a little...
  6. F

    NFS for iohyve ONLY

    Hey guys, I just recently setup the RancherOS in a iohyve environment. Everything works fine, but I'm a bit worried about how I have NFS setup. I have 2 NICs on my FreeNAS box, and currently, it is listening on the NIC dedicated to iohyve. I have never used NFS before, but it appears to not have...