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    [NEW] FreeNAS Build - Files/Plex/VM

    Hello! This is my first second time designing a FreeNAS box. Now that I've had some time to research and save, I'd like to have another go at this. Currently, I have data stored on a few external/desktop HDDs and I can't see that being a viable option for the near future. My main goals are...
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    Folder Has No Permissions

    My PlexIMGS folder has no permissions set for some reason. I checked but was unable to find a location where these permissions are granted. I am trying to save pictures to a folder, but it won't let me. I just got this working and I am scared that I might screw something up. .
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    SMB Sharing Help

    Hi There I have 2 SMB Shares one for Guests only and the other one is for users only but I can't get the user only share to appear on a Mac account and I dont want to do network discovery because that will make it show on the guest side to any suggestions to how I can have my user only share...
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    DOS Archive Attribute Defaults to True

    I'm trying to use the Archive attribute on my FreeNAS system. I want people to be able to set the archive attribute, and a script will go through and change permissions for backups...blah blah. The reason doesn't matter. The point is, when creating a new file over CIFS/SAMBA, the new file has...
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    FreeNAS for LAN Streaming

    Hello, i'm a total newbie to FreeNAS and want to migrate Windows Server 2003 to FreeNAS, not sure if it will be a good decision. Working at Karaoke industry, we have 30-40 KTVs and every room has a PC with Windows XP. All were connected to a Song Database server running Windows Server 2003...