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    Windows file managers using SSH/SCP, that avoid long path/filename issues - do they exist?

    I'm getting a little frustrated at the limitations of Windows explorer and Explorer replacements on Windows, for manipulating files on my FreeNAS box when they're nested with long-ish paths or have descriptive filenames. I can use WinSCP and other SCP clients to bypass the Windows API issues...
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    Moving directories within the same share and dataset is really slow...?

    My server (clean install 9.10.2-u1, hardware is Supermicro with a fast 1620-v3 CPU and 96GB 2400 ECC) has a single dataset, with a single SMB share on one directory in it. The NIC for this link is an onboard Intel Gb with MTU=9000. The datastore is on Enterprise 6tb spinners and is mostly empty...