file deletion

  1. E

    FreeNAS files getting zeroed out

    I've been having an odd problem with my FreeNAS setup. I've been having files getting zeroed out. Filename is there and it's in the right place. Modification times look correct, but the files with just be zero size and I'm not able to do anything with them. Has anyone seen anything like this...
  2. Dieter Toews

    SMB/CIFS shares disconnect for about 30 seconds every time I delete a file

    Hello great and wise freenas forum. I'm been updated to FN11 for about 4 weeks now and, for about 2 of those, I've been seeing a very strange problem: I'll delete an arbitrary file. The share will disconnect. if the client is windows 7 or 10 the share will reconnect after about 30 seconds. If...