fan control

  1. F

    IPMItool duty cycle not staying

    Hello All, I have a X10SLM-F-O SuperMicro board that I've connected PWM fans to. I've followed the Kevin Horton's guide Here and I've searched both in the forums and online but I cannot find a solution. When I type in the terminal any ipmitool raw command, nothing ever "sticks". Right now in...
  2. C

    Run Freenas Fanless

    Hi, I have freenas running on a Intel Pentium G4400 with a standard intel cooler. Can I plug off the fan or will it run hot and slow freenas noticably down. Can I run it fanless if I buy something with a larger cooling area? greets from germany
  3. D

    Fractal Design Node 304 + E3C236D2I fan setup

    Dear all, I have recently added more HDD to my FreeNAS setup (total of 6 HDD nows) and though that upgrading fans with a better temperature control via PWM would be good. I went for Noctua NF-A9 and NF-A14. I have active CPU cooling (CPU_FAN1), which leaves me two fan sockets on the MB...
  4. T

    Mac Pro (2008) - Fan's Stay At Full Speed

    First time post - please be gentle ;) I am trying to build a Mac Pro 2008 FreeNAS system but I have come across a show stopper issue for me. During the FreeNAS start up process the fan's in this system get to what seems "full speed" (very loud) and they do not change. I did find some software...
  5. R

    Fractal Define R6 - Fan Control

    Hello, I have been working on my build, which slowly but surely is getting there. I'm using the Fractal Define R6 case; which comes with 3 x 3-pin fans. I'm also using a Noctua NH-U9DX i4 processor cooler - which comes with 2 x 4pin Noctua fans. Based on what I have read, it looks like 3 pin...
  6. C

    Fan threshold setting differences in IPMIUtil and IPMITool?

    What is the difference between using IPMIUtil and IPMITool to set the fan speed thresholds in the Supermicro X10 BMC? In IPMITool the fan thresholds are set with three values non-recoverable, critical, non-critical for the lower and upper thresholds. It looks like only two thresholds are set...
  7. Constantin

    Limits on fan power from C2750D4I?

    I am considering migrating my motherboard from a Mini XL to a RPC-431. The latter offers 120mm fans where the Mini XL used 60mm (?) ones, two 80mm in the rear (vs. one for the mini XL), etc. Given that I'd be installing a 650W Seasonic power supply in this case, do you think can I safely...
  8. Zalasta

    Bitfenix Recon Fan-controller

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a way to control a Bitfenix Recon on a FreeNAS computer? Kind Regards Jakob
  9. David Dyer-Bennet

    Fan Control

    We've got a great chassis that cools too well :) (Chenbro RM23212 rev. E). I mean, it's keeping the drives down below the optimum temp the big Google drive study suggests, and it's also noisy as a tornado rushing by, so even in a closed rack in the laundry room it can be heard all over the...