failed wipe

  1. O

    Unable to Create Pool - CAM status: SCSI Status Error

    Hello all, I've been trying to create a new RAIDZ2 pool with 10 600GB HITACHI DKR5C-J600SS disks, but I have not been able to with 'disk wipe job failed' errors in the GUI. I've run sg_format --size=512 on all the discs, rebooted, and still got the error. I tried running dd if=/dev/zero...
  2. Miroslav Mandrino

    Problems with import and new volume build

    Hi Guys, I had a FreeNAS running with 6x2TB wd HDDs. Had a Z2 pool on them. All worked well, and I had a usb copy made(mirrord a boot device - maybe the wrong way). When the usb went wrong, I reinstalled a fresh copy on new usb (bkp also didn't boot) and restored the pool. I used zpool import...