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    pkg upgrade broke plexmediaserver_plexpass , cannot get it back

    I am running FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6 (561f0d7a1), and on that my plex media server (plexpass) has been working flawlessly for a long time. This week, I ran pkg upgrade, and it seems to have broken Plex. I have since run PMS_Update to try to resolve, but the server does not seem to start...
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    SOLVED Update server could not be reached (certificate verify failed?)

    Hi Everyone, i wanted to update my FreeNAS 11.2U2 to 11.2U3 but i cant reach the update server anymore :( Update server could not be reached HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /FreeNAS/trains.txt (Caused by SSLError(SSLError("bad...
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    Zvol Wont Delete - Failed to delete dataset: dataset is busy

    Hi I previously created 2 zvols for my vms but i now need the space back but when i attempt to delete either of them i get the error message mentioning that the data set is busy, and this happens for both zvols, and the vm is stopped and i've restarted freenas and tried to delete but no luck...
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    I destroyed NextCloud after update 11.2 beta

    I have had problems to install docker because the error "error: downloading image file". So I upgrade Freenas to 11.2 and make dockerVM works ... now the problem I have is Nextcloud 13 died, this is the error: I really don't have any clue of what to do. I puted back the version 11.1 5U; I...