esxi 6.7

  1. S

    ESXi / IPFailover / No access to WAN

    Hello gents, I have a dedicated server with EXSi 6.7 installed on it. This server is provided by OVH company. This server's IP is 167.114.157.xx This server's gateway is I have three IP failover, with a range from 149.yy.125.100 to 102. First IP failover is dedicated to a...
  2. yarcod

    Problem finding disks and/or HBA after power outage

    Hi! I've had my server with a virtualised instance of FreeNAS running for more than two years now without any issues. Until the other day, when we had a power outage at home and bad shit started to happen. First of all, I have FreeNAS running as a VM under ESXi, with a 1015M in passthrough...
  3. J

    ESXI 6.7 Unable to create datastore iSCSI

    Hey, I've managed to setup my FreeNAS server for iSCSI and connect to an ESXI server. The FreeNAS Device shows up but when I go to create a datastore is errors unable to change host config. FreeNAS Server: FreeNAS 11.2-U5 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz 32Gb RAM 16Gb USB - Boot Drive...
  4. M

    ESXI 6.7 - Freenas 11.1-U7 - Mellanox -MNPA19-XTR -Connectivity Issues

    Hello All, I've worked with VMWare for Years but i'm reasonably new to Freenas. I've soured the Forums for posts related to the issue i'm having and there doesn't seem to be any existing posts for this particular issue. So apologies if I've missed something. Here's my issue. ESXI 6.7 Whitelist...
  5. K

    Will this setup work for FreeNAS?

    Hello, I have a Supermicro 826-9 with a X9DRD board. It has the backplane BPN-SAS2-826EL1. I also have an AOC-S2308L-L8i raid card in IT mode. I was wondering if we have 4x240GB SSDs and 6x2TB HDDs if we can get setup for ESXI + FreeNAS.
  6. 3

    ESXi FreeNAS VM will not boot

    Dear all, I have an ESXi 6.7 server running and wanted to try out FreeNAS (version 11.2 U1). However, after installation, the VM does not boot. I followed these instructions: My Hardware: Fujitsu D3417-B2 MB C236-AMT...
  7. M

    Harddisks keep failing in my virtualized setup

    Hello, My setup is the following: GEN8 microserver with esxi booting from USB Internal SSD for the esxi datastore SAS9220-8i in IT mode passthru to the freenas machine 3x Seagate Ironwolf connected to the sas and one ssd for cache. In the past two months all 3 seagate drives failed and I...
  8. B

    After Update to 11.2 FreeNAS gets unresponsive when moving / deleting files over SMB

    Hi Folks, after the update to 11.2 I have issues with access to SMB-shares (Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10). To mention is, that my FreeNAS is running on esxi. The behavior is not clearly reproducible, but I got often following result: Access to SMB share (same behavior from Ubuntu 18.04 or...
  9. kdragon75

    SOLVED FreeBSD 11 CARP help

    Hello, I'm trying to get ctl and CARP working to implement a shared storages HA configuration. I have the ctl HA setup* for the failover of the CTL front end ports. The part I'm hung up on is the CARP setup. It seems like it should be quite simple but both hosts ctlr-a and ctlr-b are stuck in...
  10. averyfreeman

    X10SRL-F w/ ESXi -- can't passthrough onboard SATA?

    Hey, Does anyone else have this board? Supermicro X10SRL-F... or another X10 E5 2011-3 board, similar to it? (Has C612 chipset) I just picked it up and put it together and I was about to move my disk array over to it when I noticed I don't see the onboard SATA controllers (it has two) in...
  11. Wizman87

    Updating H310 Firmware

    Hello there, I have a Dell H310 raid adapter that I want to use for a RAID1 array (two Intel DC S3700 SSDs) and would like to update its IR firmware to the latest version. Does anyone have any suggestions or resources on how to do that? I have only been able to find "cross-flash to IT" guides...
  12. M

    Poor network performance Chelsio t520-cr (FreeNAS <-> ESXi 6.7)

    Hello! I have been trying to add 10g network connections between my primary FreeNAS and my ESXi box. I am trying to provide iSCSI storage to ESXi according to these instructions: The main difference is I'm using dual 10g links instead...