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encrypted volume

  1. PhiloEpisteme

    Encryption Debugging Tips

    I'm not making any argument for or against encryption in this post. Discussion of the merits of encryption in general or FreeNAS's specific use/implementation is beyond the scope of this guide. To by knowledge the commands below are good on all versions of 11.2 and possibly even 11.3. I have...
  2. T

    c2750 dead and no encryption key

    Hi, I have an asrock C2750 d4i which has given up - I'm now aware of the issues facing these boards but I was bought in 2015 so I doubt I will get an RMA. Also, I have not got the encryption key backed up (yes I know you dont have to say anything I was bloody stupid)... Theoretically if the...
  3. PhiloEpisteme

    Reusing Encryption Keys & Passphrases

    Let's get the messy bit out of the way. This resource makes no claim about whether you should or should not use encryption. Discussion on the merits or implementation strategy used in FreeNAS is not relevant to this resource. I'm not looking to advocate for or against encryption. This resource...
  4. anderstn

    Recovery key issues

    Hi I have just moved my drives from an old FreeNAS box to some new hardware. Now one of my encrypted ZFS pools won't decrypt using the freshly downloaded recovery key from the old system. How is that even possible when the same pool is unlocked just fine using my passphrase on the old...
  5. P

    Replacing a Failed Encrypted Disk

    Wondering if someone could offer some guidance on replacing a failed encrypted disk. My NAS is running FreeNAS version 9.10.2 with a four disk RAIDZ1 pool where one of the disks has failed and is showing as "Unavailable". After a reboot, I was unable to unlock the volume with the passphrase...