1. muffinMan

    Anyone using Fractal Design "Define Mini" case for micro-ATX?

    I'm looking for a tower enclosure for my first build with a Supermicro X11SSM (micro-ATX). Where I want to put the NAS (against a wall), makes the Fractal Design Node 804 a bit too bulky. I'm looking at the Define R6, which almost seems like overkill because I'm not looking to utilize any...
  2. TheSmoker

    FreeNAS using disks from a direct attached FC enclosure

    Hello, I am trying to convince FreeNAS into using the disks from an EMC DAE Enclosure, connected through a cable directly the the FreeNAS Server. FreeNAS config: - Xeon 4 cores; - 64G RAM; - No HDDs; - 2 SLC USB Flash Drives for boot. Controller: - QLogic QLE2464 DAE: - EMC KTN-STL4 4Gbps FC...
  3. J

    hardware list?

    Is anyone aware of a hardware list for 4-5 bay enclosures? Buffalo models seem to be the most common hit, but there isn't a good list of competitors that I've come across. Does anyone in the freenas community maintain a list of good hardware choices? I could build something based on...
  4. D

    Curious - Case selection

    I am looking to start a FreeNAS build and I am having some issues selecting an enclosure/case. I may just be picky. I was wondering what some of you guys here had set up? I am looking for something with no more than 4 drive bays and mini-itx.
  5. W

    Rackmount >= 16x 3,5" hotswap enclosure help needed

    Hi there, I'm looking for a enclosure for our, soon to be, FreeNAS system. What needs to fit: Supermicro X10SDV-4c-7TP4F-O 8x WD RED 3TB, to be expanded with another 8x drive when needed Crucial MX300 2,5" SSD Demands: 19" Rackmount with rail 16x 3,5" hotswap minimal What I've found so far...